:dis sem?:

by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, February 07, 2007, under

u noe wut? for dis sem and spesifically my final sem... insyaAllah,my class is only on tuesday dat is 4-7pm n then on saturday at 8-10am...so, i hv so many free time..it's not dat boring in my life bcoz i still hv some more work to do actually... but then, i cant proceed to finish it... one job that i must settle it down by May and it still cant be done until today...its all bcoz i dun hv my laptop with me...mysista wants to borrow it since her laptop was with me...but then, i left it at my home...bcoz not only my laptop that needs to repair...her laptop also needs it... the big prob is, i'm so broken right now...how am i going to get through all dis stuff?? *sigh*shud i juz let the time make d decision? i think i will..for the time being.

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