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by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, February 08, 2007, under


now, i'm in process to be sumbody through sumthing..but i dunno how to tell my parents about it..eventhough i've not started it yet.. everything need us to be brave right?dats the problem, i never have any courage in me to do sumthing dat i want..actually wut i already said up der is wrong..i do hv courage in me to do wut i want..but, i always tend to do things dat seems like it going to be sumthing dat i wont love anymore..i will lose my interests towards it.. i juz dunno why it happens?? n now, i decided to do things dat my parents wants me to... i noe dat things i wants can never be the same of wut my parents wants..but then, life must go on.. i hv to make my own decision coz its about my own life ere..pray for me, will ya? n dun wory lah, of course i will never do things dat can lead me to be badgirl..ahaks~ insyaAllah..thanx fellas..

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