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by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, May 17, 2007, under

well... now i'm in kelantan.. juz arrive here on 5am on 16mei by bus from KL.. first time naik bas sehhh... hehe~ tp, nextime maybe i'll rather choose train as my transport to go back to my hometown.. and if i was alone lah khann.. if ditemani, then why not let them decide.. insyaAllah.. so, syukur Alhamdulillah i finall arrive here and as we planned today my mummy plak yg bertolak balik ke KL wif my uncle... erm.. juz me and my lilbro jer lah yg ade kt umah tuh... perghh.. agak menakutkan coz duk berdua jer.. but, i hv too.. anyway, its my family's house khan.. why shud i be afraid of, rite? semalam sampai je umah pagi mmg tido jer coz dlm bas xleh tido..asal nk lelap jer terjaga semula.. ntahlah.. hahaha~ malas nk layann.. n lastnite after have enough rest n enough sleep (i think) i went to the bandar of pasirmas... coz ada pasar malam... teringin giler nk minum air coconut shake.. its my fav's drink.. hehe~ dapat jer..lega! today plak.. g teman my mum go to the school cantin... sek men gual periok dat is berhampiran rantau panjang.... ohyer.. my hometown is in pasirmas ok.. erm... apa yer yg nk dbtau neh.. ohye.. i really really really want to drive.. i know i can.. but i dun know when i'm going to start onto it.. yaAllah, aku tau Kau tidak akan mengubah nasib hambaMu melainkan dia sendiri yg mengubahnya... i'm gonna try and i wanna give it a try.. and i will... insyaAllah.. God will.. i know, i can.. ameeennnn...
yahhh, i know for those who dah drive, u ol maybe think dis all like silly thing, rite? but, for sumone yg cuba to gain self confidence in herself... she must hv a boost for it.. then, she will... yaAllah.... tolonglah hambaMu ini.... huhhhhhhh....

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