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22jun 07 – me n my family went to Tok Bali beach that is situated in Pasir Puteh. We went there with 3 cars. Firstly, we went to the market to bought some fresh fish, squids n prawns.. so that we can have our barbeque there.. my auntie also brought some nasi, ulam-ulaman, lauk yg telah dimasak n also budu.. wahhh, best best!! Kitorg ekceli bertolak after solat jumaat. So, we only have few hours before we got to go back to our home at about 730pm.

2jul until 26jul 07 – became a primary school teacher at SK Bakong in Pasir Mas Kelantan...actually, its near to my kampong..hehe~ well, juz guru sandaran untuk seorg guru lelaki yg accident n broke his arm.. so, tugas2 guru yg wie gantikan adalah sebagai guru kelas 4gemilang, subjek BM 4Gemilang, sains 3Gemilang, PJ n PK utk 1Gemilang. Memandangkan sekolah neh selalu jugak tukar2 jadual, so on my last week I’ve got one more class that is Music for 5Gemilang. Actually, he also have to teach 6Gemilang for Science. But, my uncle told me that he’s going to teach standard6 class by himself, its fine then. Because they’re going to face UPSR examination in few more months, therefore he still came to the school n its only on the time that he has to teach them. Well, it’s a good experience for me, to get to know this students n teach them lessons. Its quite fun actually. I know that even though I only have a month to be with them, I decided that I’m not going to scold them, but of course I will n sure its for the right reason lah khan… but doesn’t mean that I have to pamper them while I were there.. but, I just being rational n most important be myself!

Walaupun xdinafikan, ada jer student yg mmg nakalnyer xdengar langsung apa yg wie ckp, tp nk wt cane lg…diorg xtakut langsung dgn wie!! Keluar jer kelas 3G tuh, rasa mcm suara pun dah serak. Why? Menjerit lah jugak khan.. well, I have to!! Diorg tuh lg gelak, ada!! Adeih~ letih gue thauuu… sabar jer lah khan, so wie ajar jer lah sape yg nk belajar tuh…nak kata wie xajar yg duk memekak kat blkg tuh pun xleh jgk coz diorg sendiri yg asyik nak main khan… tuh citer darjah3..

Darjah4 laks… in first few days mmg lah diorg agak xdgr ckp coz diorg xkenal…tp, after I got back from Agro, diorg seme dah ok…tp, xsemua lah yer.. 2-3 org tuh ada hal memasing, but still they listen to me! Dats wut I like bout dis class n its my class.. Also they like me to get in their class while there are no teacher . We learn music, sing songs together…I also had print out some lyrics so that they easily can sing songs they like correctly. They also cares, I can see that because there’s one day that I dun feel very well n I can ask them to help me carry out some quizzes in the class.. they offer me some food… they remind me to eat… Ohhh, how I miss them so much!!

There’s also what we called as Kelas Pemulihan and its for those students that still cant write n read. Cikgu Hajar is the one who teaches them, well I can see that she have the patient in her. It needs it so much in order to make sure they can read properly as other students. Most of my free times, I will sit in this class n help those students to read. Usually, they will come to this class in BM period. But then, for myclass that is standard4, eventhough there are a few of them who still cant read, but I don’t send them into this class. I just ask them to listen n read following to other students who can read.

5jul until 7jul 07 – me, teachers n also about 20+ UPSR students went to Agro Resort in Setiu. Its for Kem Kecemerlangan UPSR. My uncle dat is also Ketua Program for this Kem, menjemput penceramah-penceramah dari sekitar Setiu yg berpengalaman dalam menyediakan dan memeriksa kertas UPSR untuk menyampaikan teknik-teknik menjawab soalan UPSR dan motivasi diri. So, wut do I involve in? juz take a good care of the girls, sometimes listen to those penceramah, n having a good time riding the canoe… Hehehehe~ because only me, Cikgu Hajar n Cikgu Ita were the female teachers there. Sedangkan, ,murid perempuan ramai.. Pastu, Cikgu lelaki yg pergi pulak banyak.. pelik ke x? xyah lah pelik yer.. coz cikgu perempuan neh yg dah bersuami tu, xkanlah nk tinggalkan suami kat umah jaga anak2 kan? So, cikgu lelaki n its more suitable for them to do this kind of job… even cikgu Ita pun sekejap jer ngan kitorg, coz dia terpaksa balik ke kelantan semula hantar anak balik UTM n came back again with her husband. But, cikgu Hajar neh plak, suami dah meninggal, so cikgu2 at my school think that she has less responsible than them.. it sounds unfair but it happened! Kadang2 dengar gak cerita n luahan Cikgu Hajar mengenai cikgu2 kat sekolah.. mmg akui sejak berada sebilik ngan cikguHajar di Agro tuh, jadi rapat jugak ngan dia.. well, she’s 5years younger than myMum, n I respect teachers in this school sebabnya, guru paling muda pun rasanya xde yg bawah 30tahun n semuanya dah berpunya lebih tepat berkeluarga yer.. hehehe~

So, wut do I feel? Erm, I felt that I love those kids, juz dat time is not enough for me to be with them any longer at the school.. N, I still remember that they came to my house on 27jul..n we had a great time together. Most of them about 20+ are my class student, while others about 6-10 are from standard 3 n 5. Well, I wont forget them for the rest of my life, coz its my officially first job n also my first students.. I love them so much n also missing them badly.. huhuhu~

For those weeks I’m in Kelantan n seems like i’m doing nothing, but I’m not. I helped my mother at the school cantin. I baked some cakes n sell them to the students. I also replaced her for the course that is for Pengusaha Kantin taking place in Hotel Perdana at 28jul 07 from 8am to 5pm. Went there with my auntie that is also pengusaha kantin for SMK Meranti in PasirMas. While me for SMK Gual Periok that is situated mostly near to Rantau Panjang. Well, from 730am to 230pm I’ll be at the cantin. Everyday about 12pm, I have to go to the stores in Rantau Panjang in order to buy things that have finished. At 230pm I have to go home, perform my pray before gone to Pasir Mas to send my auntie n wait at her home for my younger brother to finished his school at 430pm. So, about 530pm I’ll arrive home n have my rest. About 8pm, I’ll again gone to Pasir Mas to send him for his extra class as he will sit for his PMR this coming October. And I will get back to my home n start doing my cake baking. About 10pm, my mum will fetch him up.

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