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by Wiznie Marzuki on Monday, September 10, 2007, under

Salam to all..
i've been teaching at the Kangkong Secondary School since last 4days..it is in PasirMas... although i'm in PasirMas also..but still, its far from my house.. it takes about 25minutes for me to get there...so, what do i teach? i teaches maths for 3classes form2, geography 1class form2, Sivic form3, revision math form5.. but, i only entered the form2 classes..wut about form3 n form5? erm..right now, they are sitting for exam papers.. well, surely for this few days i have to get myself comfortable with them, get to know them better...what they have learn..n have to catch up the topics, finishing the syllabus..it seems like i have to teach them until the final exam.. so, that is my responsibility now.

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