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by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, December 05, 2007, under

salam ols.. well, on 26nov i got a call from Lilian, she's from Dell in Cyberjaya...to cut it short.. she wants me to attend for an interview on that evening at 3pm... but, i tell her that i cant make it.. plus, i dun hv any transport to go there.. so, i ask her whether i can change it to tomorrow morning, so i can arrange my transport to go there... and, she said can... thank God.. i really appreciate it.. so, here comes tomorrow morning of 27nov on 10am... i got through the interview n all the details of d 'job'.. actually it is a training in SHRDC in ShahAlam for first 4months before i undergo an 'on job traning' in Dell, for the next 4months... well, cut it short, i must discuss this with my parents first before i agree anything with them.. so, i went back home.. but, i didnt know that its a bad news waiting for me at home... huhuhuhuhu~ i have to let it go.. all my chances to work for Dell.... well, i hv to accept it..afterall, its my decision n i also hv been influence by my father... eventhough my sister Farah defends me.. but, i just decided to not to go against him anymore... waaaaaaaaaaaa~ really, i'm sad rite now.. arghhhhhh.. tension lah duk umah jer, hv nothing to do until schools open for next year... adeihhh!!! this is my first job interview, i get it, and i let it go.. hampeh tul kan.. :'(

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