~setelah sekian lama bg ku..~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, February 13, 2008, under

Salam semua..

erm.. setelah sekian lama? lama ker wie xwat entry yer?? lama jgk khan bg wie r...alahai, windu r nak berceloteh dcni..hehe.. neway, wie still kat kelantan, helping my mummy running her biz... but then, erm last 2weeks i think, i got a call from k'i offering a job in UPM, n after a few minutes later i accept it right after i ask my mummy's permission, my papa not yet... hehe~ then, while i'm in KL for chinese nuyer holiday n specially for my kezen's wedding... i discuss about it with my papa.. n he juz approved it.. xckp byk jgk r kiranya.. erm, xpelah.. i guess i'll start from here in UPM.. juz wanna get some experience n so on... hopefully i'm ok with it... i'm going to start the job on 26feb.. so, i'll b back in KJ dis 20feb i think.. hehe~ miss all my frens... forward to see them also.. oh ye, 1more thing.. i'm going to miss driving..waaaaaa.... but, its ok, i'll try to get one on my own one day.. hehe... until then, daaaa.....

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