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by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, March 04, 2008, under

Salamz again..
Last week was my trial week of working... ala2 trial r gak.. hehe.. thanx to KakLinda, the previous RA whom been teaching a lots of her work that i'm going to take over.. and bcoz of her, i dun hv much work to do in this week.. bcoz she already settle all the works that was under her responsibility..so, i just need to alert on future things lah khan... so, today as it is in my first official week of working, i dun hv much to do.. plus, today DrFHI take a leave.. hehe~ bos xde lah laks, tp wie call kakLinda asking bout anything i might not understand yet and to confirm bout it.. dahlah arini terlewat masuk, cian k'i xbape sihat coz pembawakan baby dia..nasib ler DrFHI pun faham so she told me that i must find a new place to stay around UPM.. so, today also i went to a house that was promoted by k'i..and i think the house suits me, plus i really have to stay around here, it is about 5-10min of walking to get me to the workplace. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. n i'm going to tell my aunt bout it first b4 i move out in this week also.. hehe~ oklah, until then, daaa..

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