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by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, April 22, 2008, under

Last wiken, i juz lepaking at my house... opsss, no lah! me n mysis.. we decide to join her fren that is Wanie, Atun n Zara hangout to TheCurve.. Cineleisure actually.. we went there to watch movie.. firstly decide to watch OverHerDeadbody.. but then, after that we decide to watch "CONGKAK" wahhhh, not so scared as it been told.. hehe.. lawak pun ader.. tekejut pun ade... ntahlah..mmg xtakut pun..eventhough i have to cover up my eyes while watching..but.. still, x takut pun.. lalalalaaa.. agak r berlagak kn.. ahaks. patutnye citer neh tajuk "Lisa" nape? sebab, opah tuh asyik duk panggil Lisa jer..n also ajak main congkak..hehe. tp, sebab dh tgk JgnPdgBlkg dulu, so yg neh mcm xbape takut sgt r..so, pastuh kitorg round skjp n went home.. mlm tuh kitorg tgk konsert AF yg ntah ape2.. ada yg best tuh xpe r. yg xbest tuh ciannyer... gasak r korg..sape suh masuk kalu xnk kena kutuk..ahaks.. jahat den... lalalaa..so, thats on saturday..

On sunday morning, when i woke up i just ask mysis.. "Jom g tgk L" hehe.. dia mmg on je.. plus, its my treat..huhuhu.. ape2lah, janji dpt tgk "L:Change the world", so that day kitorg that is me, Aya n Atun g tgk kt GSC OUtama..not badlah.. i thought its still bout DeathNote but then, its all about a dangerous virus that they want to spread until there's less human left in this world...and L's task is to prevent it from happen.

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