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by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, April 06, 2008, under

So, yesterday is the examination day... The whole day starting from 930am to 4pm, i'm in SMK Taman Connaught Cheras, sitting for my first SPA exam.. first? it sounds like i'm going to sit for it another time, isnt it? hehe.. i hope not.. but, who knows right.. if i pass n get the interview n pass, praise to Allah. but then, if i fail, i'm gonna keep on trying until i get it. i'm really hoping for it.. Pray for me please.. TQ.. insyaAllah..

bout the exam.. sat for 5papers.. if u guys have taken this exam, i'm sure u know wut r the papers right.. actually, i'm not really ready for it, but i am. i can say that i dun really read all things that i should know. but then, i just tried my best. only for math paper, i really feel dissappointed. bcoz, for the first time i dun hv enough time to finish answering all the questions.. i just answer bout 35 from 40ques in 45min. wahhhh, so stressed at that time.. but, blame me.for i didnt do any real math practise in past few years. so, blame me again. hehehe.. for other papers, i really tried my best.. so, let me just pray for it n wait for the result. ok guys, tq for everything.

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