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by Wiznie Marzuki on Monday, May 05, 2008, under ,

Congratulation to mydear sis K'i and abgJa'a... hehe.. for ur new born baby.. wahh, comey nyer lahh baby tuh.. diberi nama NurAimyDamia... Alhamdulillah ye, semua selamat.. cepat2 ler balik bangi neh.. xsabar nyer kitorg semua nk tgk baby tuh.. huhuuu.. jeles nyer dgn abe n kakFy... nyampes tul! xaci tauuu korgggg... tgh geram nehh.. adeihhh.. anyway, she's born on 29th April08.. baby neh xsabar nk tgk dunia yer.. awal dr yg djangka. hehe..i'll pray all d best for ur future ok.. insyaAllah.. aminnn..

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