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by Wiznie Marzuki on Monday, June 23, 2008, under

Dis wiken i just stay in serdang.. bcoz i had a date with my bro.. hahaha~ date? kenyit cesss! nnt kena sekeh ngan kakFy.. gelakguling wakakaka! dun angry2 eh sista.. sengihnampakgigi ceq pinjam ur fiancee sat ja no.. tq.

well, kitorg jupe sisSetia.. aka Dr Marlyna at PKNS Bangi.. senyumkenyit also with her master student.. kakAiza. Matriks KPM staff. after that.. heading to Alamanda, the main reason why we're going out together.. we wanna watch the 'HULK'.. hehe~ at last.. our mission accomplished! peace yeahhh.. tepuktanganbefore that, kitorg bump with kakWanie, yan n kakIntan.. hehe~ Yan neh, kitorg ajk kuar sama tp dia sibuk kat lab lah.. mcm2 laa.. erm.. xpela.. ko kn dpt wat master dis July.. sbb tuh ler ko bz jer.. huhuhu.. jeles nyerrrr.. sabar jer lah.. sedih

pas tgk movie tuh, we take our lunch.. its 4pm.. wahhh lapaarrrr sehhh! sigh lega dpt mkn.. tp, ikan grill kt cni, xleh lwn kt mdvly r... waaaa.. nk mkn ctu... isk..isk.. nangih

so, about HULK.. u can click here HULK .

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