by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, June 19, 2008, under

Last wednesday, so boring.. we decide to go for a movie treat.. haiiyaaaa!! KungfuPanda.. erm, we went to Alamanda.. ohh, there's cinema here. first time! hee~ best lah movie neh.. Po is so funny. he's the panda. at first we thought .. how can he do the kungfu thing..? but, he got his own way! bravo!!! hehehe~ for the official website, click here KungfuPanda.. so u guys, dont always just judge people from their first appearance. bcoz sometimes, one day they might be better than us.

and last night also, we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan.. watch Get Smart movie.. starring anne hathaway, dwayne johnson aka 'the rock' ( remember..? when u smellllll, the rock is cooking!! Aya suke giler mamat neh dulu.. hahahaha!).. well, this movie also is an action comedy movie.. so funny.. for those who loves to laugh.. u hv to watch this movie. u wont regret. hehee~ for the official website, click here GetSmart

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