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by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, July 30, 2008, under

salam uols... hehe.. so, how was ur wiken? i hope everything is fine.. for me, last sunday i went to klcc with k'long.. we're related but i dont know how to tell, anyway no need here.. both of us, got nothing to do on that day.. i sms her that morning n she replied.. she got no plan, so she just agree to my suggestion.. we went to watch movie in klcc... "The Dark Knight" . it was a great movie.. never thought of the 'two faces' would appear.. but overall, i'll give 3/5 stars. because the heroin died and the '2faces' appear in a short time only.. but, i want to highlight that i loved 'the joker', he really become phsyco! i love the acting from him.. and what a lost.. he left the world after making of this film.. huhuhu.. he is so handsome!!i loved to watch him after seeing him in the '10 things i hate about u'...so, u guys.. go on.. watch this movie! i already had.. hehe~ now, i'm trying to watch 'journey to the center of the earth' in 3d version at the midvalley.. wish me luck! hehe.. til then, daaa...

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    hahhaa.. neway, tq lan.. wie dh bjaya tgk movie tuh.. yeah!! ahaks ;)

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