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by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, under

Salam ols..

its been 2weeks since i last updated this blog rite.. hehe~ i miss it already lah.. so, now i wanna share sumthin here.. its bout me for sure... well, i'm no longer working in UPM.. i quit on 4th July.. so, now i'm in seksyen13 ShahAlahmhaving IT training in SHRDC for DELL... we have to complete 3months training here n 3 more months in cyberjaya.. or else, we hv to pay the gomen amount rm14k.. i think la.. dun remember ekceli... but, nevermind.. here, we all didnt get any salary bcoz its only training.. so, we only get allowance... 500 per month from gomen.. n also, along the first 3months.. Dell will give us 800 more.. total is 1.3k.. is it enough? for training, i guess so. and for the next 3months, total will be 1.8k per month... it increase rite.. hehe~ and if we succeed, then we will be hired to the permanent position n the salary for fresh grad is 2.5k.. insyaAllah... aminnn..

during this training... i was like not so confident.. but then, after knowing all my frens here.. they are so nice.. so supporting.. so sporting.. we eat, do activities and study together... and yeahhh.. thanx uol.. i really appreciate it! i want to mention all their names here.. rifhan, azlina, marina, izan, suriza, wahida, fiza, muaz, hafiz, fairuz, fais, ridzwan, heizad brinda, noel, vee, kanya, sadab and amy.

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