by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, under

today, as usual got class in shrdc... we had our assessment... papertest n skilltest.. for the papertest, its an openbook test.. for the skill test, cant hv any communication between us.. install linux n windows also configure the services.. troubleshoot it.. thats all!

tomorrow, we're going to learn on how to install Oracle.. hehe~ eventhough its not in our syllabus, but we ask for it. hehe.. good!

and the day after tomorrow, we're going to have our team building in Genting.. yezzzzaaaaa!! its for two days.. and after that..holidays! hehe~ what is my plan? didnt decide yet.. but, maybe i'll ask mysis n mycousins to hangout somewhere.. after all, its my special day! hehe.. til then, daaa~

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