by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, August 31, 2008, under

Happy birthday to mydear Dell friend Kanya on 28th Aug 08.. We celeb her birthday while we at Genting last 2days..

Happy birthday to my Dell friend Hafiz on 31st Aug 08.. Celeb his birthday in advance, same as mine in Genting also with Kanya and the rest of us.. Dell IS-05!!!

thanx to all members , representative from Dell that is Mr Hazwan n Mr Indie.. thanx for being there with us! see you in Cyberjaya soon.. hehe~

also not forgotten, Happy birthday to my auntie on 28th Aug 08 and mydear uncle on this 31st Aug 08..! we'll meet soon.. this coming Raya ok..

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    cyberjaya..ish makin dkt dgn kita..heee

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    hehe.. sejak biler mira dh tukar kt cyberjaya neh? bukan singapore ke?

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