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by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, August 12, 2008, under

Assalamu'alaikum wbt..

first of all, i wanna wish Happy 24th Birthday to my dear friend Rahah.. her birthdate is on 1st of August... and also to my friend Fais Hidayat that is on 8th August.. wishing both of u all the best in your life. may Allah bless u both! hehe.. well, my birthday also is around the corner.. i'm waiting and counting the day to come.. hehe~

on that day..080808.. we celebrate Fais birthday in shrdc...at our tea time break.. around 11am.. our classmate bought a cake.. 'banana choc' from secret recipe..erm... yummy! hehe.. pics will upload later...

so, for the last two days that is on 9August... i went to a wedding kenduri that was in Klang. here i want to wish.. Selamat Pengantin Baru to sisMas n broErwin... her akad was held at night, taking the date of 080808.. hehe. there's so many couple want to get married on this date.. including her.. well, i pray for your marriage will last long... hoping u both to be happy alwiz... congratulation again to my dear sisMas.. i know her since KKB in MawiFc... and now we moved to KBR in myfamily.com...she's a lovely sister that i've known here.. so nice n sweet... i love u sis.. i always pray for ur happiness..and do tkcare.

on the next day... i had promised my sisFify, that i will accompany her fiancee to her master convocation in UKM.. her convo was in the morning session.. Congratulation again sisFify for ur convocation! and thanx also, because of u.. i had my chance again to get in the DECTAR for the convocation.. now, i have the view as one of the guest in there.. and i feel good about it. well, i already had experience as one of the HR people who was in charge of taking care of the guest.. and also as a graduate person.. and i'm hoping that i can be one of the graduate student again through master... insyaAllah.. aminnn....

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    salam .. kenal tak saper I ni? hehe..

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    wa'alaikumussalam.. oh my God.. CS.. of course i know you.. hehe~ sure tau blog izel thru ym kn? welcome here.. n thanx coz sampai jgk ke teratak izel yg xseberapa neh.. hehe ;)

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    Yup thru YM (sambil nganggok2 paler nih). Just hold on to that someone, kalau air tak berkocak, angkat kaki. Dont waste time.

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    hehe.. thanx for the advice CS... i really appreciate it.. coz right now,i think i'll wait until few more weeks and after that i'll decide.. bcoz i started to feel like he only treat me as a friend.. :) but, i'm ok with it.

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    Sumthing yg den tak sejutu sgt statement "kalau air tak berkocak, angkat kaki. Dont waste time" tu..

    Bukan apa.. mcmana kita nak tahu ada ikna dalam air kalau kita terlalu cepat nak angkat kaki.. Pokoknya kenapa kita tak boleh bersabar meskipun apa jua keputusannya nanti??

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    tgh bsabarlah neh.. nk minta petunjuk drpNYA pulak.. selagi mampu bersabar.. akan cube utk trus bsabar..namun, bukankah kesabaran pun ada had nya..

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