by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, under

last saturday.. got date with mydear eina n ayit.. we met at klcc.. watch Susuk at 920pm... after that we went to NZ wangsamaju.. we have a chitchat until 330am.. n went back home.. reach at 4am! details... click eina...

Susuk.. a lil bit confusing.. i dun know where does it start.. its a flashback movie... i was like wondering all the way while i'm watchingit.. maybe i understand it a lil bit at last.. i dun really like this movie.. but, i only want to accompany eina.. she wants to watch the movie because she needs the reason why did they postponed the launch of this film for bout 2years.. and here, i agreed with eina.. it shouldnt be classified as 'U'.. because i think that this movie is not suitable for those children to watch it.. well, overall i give 2/5 stars for this film.

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    susuk: citer yg paling bosan n membodohkn yg aku penah tgk...bkn buat org berpikir tpi buat org tdo.

    so..no star at all!

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    hahaha.. aku bg star jgk tuh coz star kesian.. ikut hati xnak bg langsung jgk.. ahaks~ mmg xbest pn.. adeihh.. padanla xtayang awal pn.. tunggang langgang.. huhuhu...

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    Bagi den.. susuk versi tv3 lagi best.. Hehehehe

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