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by Wiznie Marzuki on Saturday, October 25, 2008, under


Its been a week since we had finished our training in SHRDC. Now, we are all in Dell Cyberjaya continuing on our job training here. So,we've been assigned to 6 different department that is, GDO, GDES, GISO, GSD, NOC and OSS. Me myself in GDES with Izan. Eventhough at first, we've been told that we're in Software Developer team, but this group still in the process to reach the development part.. so, now we're under sort of the database team.. there are 2 group in this dept, that is managing database tools n software quality assurance (SQA). And i'm in SQA team.
During our first week here, we've gone through our orientation programme for the first day, meet with our manager n also with the MD in Dell Malaysia. And then, we had our business presentation week. Its a really good experience in knowing new colleagues here, new working environment, new house in Equine.. hehe~ and here, we have our own buddy to guide us here. Actually most of my team member are in Penang and so does my buddy, he also in Penang. So, everyday if i have any curiosity question anything that i want to know more n if he can provide me answer, i'll just IM him during office hour.. Oh yes, i forgot that in here, i'm in normal working hour that is 8-5, monday- friday. There's also department that need us to be in shift, luckily i'm not in that dept.. but, if they give me a chance, why not right.. i can try working shift hours also.. no harm for trying.. hehe~

We were so happy n looking forward to do new things and gain much more knowledge that we can get while we are in here. Hopefully, we all can get hired. But, the most important thing is we must perform n give our best here. So, wish me n the rest of us... a very best of luck! InsyaAllah, aminnn..

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    l a n z™

    welcom eto cyberjaya..n equine park. He

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    All the best to you in ur new environment.

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    tq lan.. hehe~ ;)

    thanx also to CL.. :)

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    mrs chiow

    hati2 masa memandu..

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    yes sista... tq 4 d advice n reminding me..huhu

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