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by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, November 09, 2008, under

well, today is sunday.. n i just came back from my sister's room in UIA. i dont want to stay alone in KJ, so i came here for 2days.. the past 3days wed, thurs n friday.. i'm in equine... the reason why i'm not staying in my home in KJ is because my father went back to Kelantan. there's a 'tahlil' at my house. It's been 40 days after the accident. So, on the night before friday, we called on our relatives n the villagers to do the recitation of Al-Quran n tahlil for mylilsis.

Its been 40 days since i last saw u dik.. And we all really missed u so much.. Only God knows.. But,we know that ur going to be fine n happy there. To watch farah n the rest of my family became stronger day by day.. i really feel good. Syukur Alhamdulillah for the give of strength.. Ya Allah.

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    aku tau kau kuat wie...

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    thanx myza..insyaAllah.. i really need frens beside me.. :) n ur 1 of them, tq!

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    wiwie, sorry ngan apa yg terjadi...harap wiwie ngan family sentiasa tabah...jgn putus asa tau...bila Allah beri kite satu ujian, Dia tau kite mampu hadapi ujian tu...redha dan yakin ngan hikmah Allah ye...

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    thanx lisa.. :) i appreciate all of myfrens who gives me support.. insyaAllah, i will.

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