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by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, November 11, 2008, under

so, yesterday i went on jogging... its been a while.. so, without proper warm up.. my legs hurt. hehehe~ so, i dunno whether tomorrow i'm going to play squash with them or go to bangi.. Just now, my dear fren Yan send me an sms, asking me wanna join or not to meet n watch on kakSyida's new born baby. so, i answered her let me think first, confirm it tomorrow.. so, i'm going to decide this tomorrow.. hehe~

and yesterday also, somehow while i'm doing on the testing, suddenly sumthin happen, i accidentaly switched on the testing environment with the real environment.. so, first thought came into my mind.. I'm dead! hehehe~ but,no worries.. i asked my buddy.. and after that settled! i managed to get it all back originally as it looks like before.. fuhhh!!! we both feel so relieved after that.. hehhe~ i hv to do it on my own, because he also didnt hv any access to do it, then we just wondering how come i got the access instead of him.. haiyyaaa! the developer ahh.. make we confused.. whatever it is.. back to normal.. thats good.

and today, i had good news.. our allowance have just bank in into our account.. but,pity me.. after all the responsibility that have been counted into my budget this month.. huhuhu~ i'm so sad... no wonder la my parents hv to work hard... n no matter how hard we works also..we never say enough when it comes to money...hehe~ so guys... jom ronggeng.. hahaha~ just kidding lorr..

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    itu lah cik wiznie kita..

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    mrs chiow

    isy2..get well soon..cane nk jd pengapit nnt nih hehehe..

    jd ke g umah kakcida tuh?xde pic ke..

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    hye both mydear.. selamat pengantin baru eh.. dh jd pengapit smlm kn? hehe~ tp, yg belah lakinyer i xnmpk pn.. ;p

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    hye my dear wiznie..
    nak link kan ur blog ley??hehe..
    nice to c u here lah..

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    sure mydear syida.. ;) muahhh!
    u hv found aya's blog too right?

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