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by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, December 04, 2008, under

Then, I had to prepare myself for the BBQ that night.. I left after maghrib and I know eina n ayit waited for me at the KgBaru LRT station. Around 9pm, I arrived at broAcid’s house.. This BBQ session held at his house and also his generous neighbour house..thanx sis for letting us to stay in ur house that night.. it’s really kind of you. What can I say about this BBQ session…Well, it’s a really nice mini gathering here. I get to know all the people that only I chat with them in virtual into reality. But for the first time, even though I have been to this kind of gathering for many times, but this time I really feel the difference.. I feel so shamed like I just want to be invisible to them.. And I think I know what is the reason.. oh GOD! I don’t like this feeling..it just like this will be my last meeting with fellow Ehozarians.. perghhh! Menyirap darah naik ke muka masa jalan dpn diorg semua.. xpenah2 rasa camtuh.. giler r! enough bout it!

Let me describes the event with the pictures.. well, pictures speaks louder don’t they? Hehe~ here they are!

HK, wie, (dunno) n eina.

boyot, wie, eina, mars, jay, (dunno), suraya, s_bleeza,ayit, miss sya...

guys yg melepak kt luar.. after mkn2.. there's apect, ayam, lopaque n a few more..

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