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by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, December 07, 2008, under

Yesterday's night, after we all.. i mean.. me, ayit, broAcid, Ejoy, Lan and Barbooshka enjoying our meeting at Tesco near Ikea Damansara.. then, lepak at BigApple theCurve.. after that, they decided to go to BroAcid's house to play the board games.. that is Monopoly and Risk.. After maghrib, went to his house... we had our chat, had our dinner.. (nasi lemak antarabangsa) tq broAcid..hehe~ they watch EuroTrip movie, as Ejoy soon wanna go to Europe Tour by himself as backpackers for about 1month by May/June next year.. great isnt it! Wish him the best!

Well, around 930pm start our game with the Risk.. and the winner is Barbooshka, since she was a sifu to us, so she has the advantages of knowing and planning the strategy to win over and complete her mission.. Congrats! and the first who lose is broAcid.. because all of his region had been conquered by Barbooshka already. hahaha~

if u afraid of taking theRISK, dun play this game.. hahaha~

we have a mission to accomplish.. chaiyo!

the game started..

the generals are : ejoy, barbooshka, acid, lan n me..

me n ayit.. she cum the PBB, giving out ideas on how to conquer and attack the region.. haha~

Ejoy (red) and Barbooshka (blue) trying to demolish Acid (yellow) from theRISK.. haha~

now u can see...

now u dont.. wahahahaha~ pity on u, general Acid.. ;p gone already!

Then, we continue with Monopoly.. This one, is quite easy because it is quite the same with Saidina, the Millionaire etc... So, the winner for this game is Ejoy, he is the Millionaire of the Game.. He won 105.23 million! His strategy of buying hotels and his luck also on that night had made us bankrupt.. waaa~ the first who lose is Barbooshka with 2nd time of having to pay 9.5mil to Ejoy.. and 2nd who lose is me.. 2time have to pay 9.5mil to Ejoy and what make me lose is i have to pay him 10mil next.. waaaa~and the 3rd who lose is broAcid.. waaahh, we all are so... i can say survival lah.. hehe~ good strategy and good luck of Ejoy.. i guarantee u wont have the luck twice.. hahaha~ envy you lah that night.. always busy of counting money... cesss~ haha~ juz kidding.. anyway, we finish our game bout 3am.. and after that Ejoy send us home.. thanx Ejoy, really appreciate ur help..

the players are : Ejoy, Barbooshka, Acid n me..

the game started.. hehe~

the 1st who lose..

2nd who lose.. is me.. waaaa~ hate it!

3rd who lose.. at least.. pay back time eh? heee~

here's the winner.. with 105.21mil of wealth.. so lucky la u that night..

the trophy for winner of Monopoly..Ejoy!

Overall, i'm so happy.. i had fun.. knowing u all in Ehoza is fun to me.. thanx guys! next time, i''ll think of good strategy for both games and i'm going to win! hahaha~ til then.. daaa~ i'll upload pics later... thanx to Ejoy for all the photo taken on that night.

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    cik nunu

    if u fancy board games try Pictionary or Taboo..that's the ultimate fun!

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    i have tried Taboo.. yes, its indeed one of the best games... Pictionary, never heard of it.. but anyway, good suggestion, i'll find any info bout it. thanx ya! :)

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