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16dis08 - after finished my works, went sraight to Summit.. and finally, i watched TWILIGHT.. pergghh, cant tell that i feel so relieved... its been several weeks that i've waited for this moment... the movie is great.. i really loved to watch vampires movie n stuff like wolves, etc... next year, gonna watch Underworld (rise of the lycans).. so, i've watched Blood n Choc before.. n my friends said that Twilight is better than BnC.. thats why, i wanna watch this movie so much. i found that the character of this film is good.. new things i can see, in terms of vampires shines like diamonds in direct sunshine..most of it.. i loved Edward's eyes.he has sexy and sultry eyes.. fall in love again.. aaahhhh, feel good right girls? hahaha~ actually, mylilbro already bought the novel of this movie.. but, i'm not aware of it.. so, after this sure i'll read it.. and as mylovely sis Aya also just download all of the sequel novel for this movie.. hehe~ of course,i wont miss it!well, there's no regret of watching it alone, as i dun mind it at all.. and there's no regret of watching it so late. it'll end soon in the cinemas.. and there's no regret for waiting and planning on the time to watch it.. last but not least, worth it!i gv 4.5/5 stars to this movie.. God, i still cant forget his eyes.. so beautiful.. hahaha~ cut it out wie!

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    edward retarded la kak winie.esp masa scene ist time die jupe bella..owh,datz not sexy ok,dats retard!!

    WELL,I dun deny the fact that he is sumthing,but too much ppl adore him..haih...scary wes dpt pakwe yg terbang2 camtu.

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    hahaha~ sampainye hati mu berkata begitu... a'ah kn, too many ppl adore him.. but... who cares.. wakakaka~ alahai, terbang2 la best.. boleh g mane2 je.. mcm jumper tuh, best jgk tuh.. ahaks~ for a short period, maybe best la kn.. but not for the long period la.. ahaks~ scary jgk tuh..

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