~mandi sungai..wuhuuuu!! ~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, December 04, 2008, under

30nov- At 1130am, i checked on my hp.. to see any messages.. and I got one from sisArwen, asking me whether I wanna join her ‘mandi sungai’ or not in Agrotek Langat. And she sms me around 1040, so, it’s one hour late. But then, I called eina.. and she wants to go there.. so, she called ayit.. and our plan is on! I prepared ,fetch eina, dilah n iqa in shahAlam. Then, went to Setapak, fetch Ayit there before proceed to Langat.. I thought sisArwen won’t wait for us, so we decide to go to the nearest place only, but then she sms me.. said that she’ll wait for us.. and of course we have to send her back lah after that. Nvm la..so, Agrotek Langat, here we come! what can I say here is, the place is good for family gathering, relaxing yourself, activities and so on.. Dun wanna speak more.. let the pictures do the talk.. ;)

we all with our dearest sisArwen..

in the water...

after dah puas mandi manda..

kitorg enjoy makan2 dulu before balik...

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    im a wife,im Mrs.SyahriL=)

    waaa sonoknyer wie mandi sungeeei..teringin2..hukhuk~

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    hikhik.. silakan lah sis.. ;) dh berbadan dua kn? jg diri leklok yer mydear ;)

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