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Lastweek, on wednesday i had accompany eina n dilah to watch AfdlinShauki's new movie at the Summit. it was really fun.. we all just laugh all the way watching it.. Again, Afdlin's movie succeed on making the audience laugh, enjoy n it's good. Eina n me, both of us love to watch his movie. there's something that good about him. When i watch his movie, i dun need to think of what will come next.. i just need to sit there,lay back and enjoy only. He will tell everything and solve any problem for us. hehehe~ i love watching it! so, gv it 3.5/5 stars.. wahh, got point ah? ahaks~

And, the day after we watch LnF, because it is holiday for Selangor only.. so, i'd planned to watch Twilight at Midvalley.. but, i dun hv the luck.. the tickets sold out. So, i just bought the ticket of Transporter3 for us.. Actually, i already watched the 2nd transporter.. if i'm not mistaken la.. hehe~ but, the hero is still the same and they change the girl.. because the girl is the "package" that they have to deliver! I enjoy watched the movie.. its full of action. eventhough its not the movie that i'd planned to watch, but i dun regret as it was very exciting and enjoyable.. i gv also 3.5/5 stars..

After watched the Transporter3, we went to University LRT station to fetch Ayit there.. and we had our dinner at my house, because eina wanna watch 'RonaRoniMakaroni' at Astro. while ayit, she just want to surf the internet and login into Ehoza and we also wanna discuss our plan for.. for what? jeng jeng jeng... cant tell u guys, still in the early stage of planning.. insyaAllah, we'll make it happen maybe next month. wahh.. i'm so excited, n hopefully it will works! hehe~

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