~pre-KKE at Baitul Fitrah~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, December 23, 2008, under

just arrive..
20dis08- saturday. promised to eina n ayit, that i'll bring along my car for the pre-KKE event..Eina n ayit arrive in KJ bout 8am.. had our breakfast near my house. then, went straight to Rawang.. opps, nope. we stop by Restoran Jejantas SgBuloh first, ayit wanna have some coffee, since we are so early.. because actually, they planned to meet after tolRawang bout 10am. so, bout 940 went there and met with all the boys. then, went straight to Baitul Fitrah. this is home for orphanage and single mother also. for today. we need to bring those kids to the shop.. for what?? Its shopping time... hehe~ i'll upload some pics later. its fun knowing them.. see them laugh, make them laugh.. see them smile, make them smile.. it feels good..if u ever make promise for people who needs help, dun ever break it. try to make it happen in any way. bcoz maybe it wont bring any diff to u, but to them it means a lot.so, give something to needy people. if u gv sumthing, trust me, u will get sumthin back in future without u even realize it.so, dont feel hesitate to do goods. GOD will reward u in any way He wants to. u just have to believe.

wie, eina with adik Nurul n Idham..


after shopping.. they having KFC.

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