~2 movie marathon~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Monday, February 02, 2009, under

five of us.. enjoy!
wie, wahida, sue, cikwan n muaz...

me n wahida.. my rumet in equine.. ;)

showing the tickets after this.. Underworld3.. yeahhh!

amboi3x.. hehe~ what a night, right guys.. we had fun!

wie, wahid, muaz n su.. while waiting for the next show... hehe~

last week, we decide to have movie marathon for 2movies in Alamanda. wut do we watched? first, Inkheart at 940pm and second movie is Underworld3 at 1245pm.. means we have to wait bout 1hour for the second movie to start right.. thats was the time gap, and we hang out and do some pictures snapping.. hehe~ it was fun! well, we all reached home bout 3am.. perghhh, wut a nite! but, we enjoyed right guys.. hehe~ i'm gonna miss this time... huhuu~ nvm, hopefully we can hangout again anytime right.til then, daaa~

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