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by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, under

Salam uol.. hehe~

This time i wanna share with all of you a list of online shops. It is specially for women or maybe for guy who wanna give a gift to their wife or girlfriends. Hopefully, this can help u.

Lingerie ~ Mrs. Oweizmez Ehoza
( cute lingerie for women out there.. seduce ur husband, okiess..hehe)

Gorgeous shoes ~ (customize by the team.. so beautiful!! paper pn cover their news.. congrats!)

Cute shoes ~ (seriously so cute.. maybe for girls only.. but, they can customize it for u.. so try on!)

Sandals ~ ( sweet handmade leather sandals.. look at it first, and u'll know)

muslim chicks ~ (sweet design wardrobe..)

Abaya Muslimah ~ ( abaya for women.. men also available.. CIO!)

busanamasarrah ~ (busana masarrah - aneka busana muslimah)

cardigans ~ ( cool and cute cotton cardigans.. i like it!! hehee )

8design ~ (urbe chick and muslim chick fashion..)

mimpimurni ~ (jewelery for dreamers.. necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. check it out..)

candee-licious ~ ( dresses, tops and bottoms.. for chicks.. of course.. )

i think thats all for now.. i know there is more out there online shops that we can find.. but, i'll update it later... til then, lets CIO all of this first ok girlssss, enjoy !!! :)

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