~Dinner at Hokkaido~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, March 15, 2009, under

Last night, we had our dinner at Hokkaido. Where is it? It is situated in front of Vistana Hotel in KL. We had seafood for our dinner. memang best sgt. ada ketam, ikan kerapu, sotong.. ape lg? hehe~ bukan lah banyak sangat pun. Just enjoy my pics with my family okies..
me and my beloved abgsepupu, Eyuh..

me and my beloved mummy.. muahhh!!

actually, this dinner is a treat for her while she's in KL for a week of the school holiday.

mysis and kakLaila (Eyuh's wife)

my sis, Aya and our beloved Papa. muahhh!!
thanx papa for the dinner. Love you! hehe~

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