~Earth Hour~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Tuesday, March 24, 2009, under

Let support Earth Hour 2009!!!

turn your lights off.. together we can make a difference..
towards our beloved, the one and only EARTH! light up your candle..
want to know more about earth hour? click on the above poster or click here
thank you.

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  1. gravatar
    nss (",)

    waah2x bgs2..tp mesti kene bukak lampu gk kalu nk masuk toilet..nnti x pasal2 jatuh tergolek dlm toilet tuh..hihi~

  2. gravatar

    hehe~ toilet wie tappe.. drp aritu lg rosak lampu dia.. kena buka berkali2 barulah nyala.. so, if tadet or ade pun sama je bg wie.. hahaha~
    tp, kakNurul taleh la.. kan sarat tuh.. so, buka la lampu yer..hehe~ :D

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