~my new slippers~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Monday, March 09, 2009, under

Dah lama wie nk beli yg baru tau.. huhu~ rasanya dah hampir 2thn lebih duk pakai yg lama neh.. sampai la khamis lepas sblm tgk benjamin button neh.. wie buat keputusan yg nekad dan kebetulan ada lah duit cket. dan dah minta kebenaran kt mami nk beli baru dan bincang ngan adik. diorg ok jek. so, i decide to bought a new pairs of IPanema for me. hehe~ happy nyerrrr dpt selipar baru.. lalalalaaaa~

the old one.. hehe~ actually, i still can wear it.

n the new one.. hehe~ i deserve it, right guys.. lalalaaaa~

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