~Yesterday With KakLaila~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, March 18, 2009, under

At 11am, mummy asked me to accompany kakLa to Subang Jaya Medical Centre for her checkup.. after she had her operation for endometriosis last month. so, we had our lunch together at the hospital. then, we have to wait for the appointment until 230pm. in the mean time, after lunch we went to Atria Damansara Jaya to fetch mummy there, she went to her facial treatment at Dermalogica there. So, after 3pm we made it. kakLa went into the room, met Dr Delilah. then, around 4pm we went back home just for a while. and at 430pm, we had our meal at Laksa Shack in KelanaJaya Mall... we were there, because kakLa wants to buy her make up n other things..

my tomyam laksa.. erm, tp xbape sedap sgt..
compare to curry laksa that i've tried once..heee~ nvm..

asam laksa.. kakLa's favourite.. yg neh best!! hehe~
then, we had dinner at Subway Kelana Jaya... lalalalaa~ actually, we planned to hv dinner at Aladdin, but i really want to eat sandwiches.. so, just persuade them la.. hahaha~

now, this is mine.. wallahhh.. mmg best!!
even i can do it at home by myself.. hahaha~

mummy with her choice.. actually just same with me.. hehe~

kakLa's choice.. bit diff from us.. also good choice! :D

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