~Crave for ice-cream, anyone?~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Thursday, April 02, 2009, under

last night, papa have a short meeting with his friends in BangsarVillage. so, we.. i mean.. Abeyuh, kakLa n me.. decide to follow him and have our dinner there. so, while we waiting for him to finish.. we just hangin around and think of where to lepak2 and have our dinner.. so, its been a while until my bro tuh hilang sabar.. so, we just decided to eat sandwiches at Subway. after that, kitorg amik papa.. then, td kakLa dah mmg craving sgt nk mkn eskrim.. so, we went again pusing2 the Bangsar Village.. pastu, kami berdua g beli eskrim jap kt dlm tuh.. sementara diorg berdua tunggu dlm keta.. dan kami kembali dgn ini...

mmg sgt best melayan mkn eskrim dlm keta baru kan kan kan.. ekekekke~ mahal ler eskrim neh.. rm12 utk 2flavor.. 4cup neh rm48.. mantappp.. makan eskrim hampir rm50 dihabiskan.. berbaloi atau x? utk kepuasan yer lah.. sedapppp sgt babe! value for ur money x? its ur own decision ok.. enjoy!!

desc for the above ice-cream :~

above from the left are 2scoops of boysenberry dream and choc fudge brownie. then at the right are vanilla classic and spotty dog.

below from the left are, strawberry surprise and walnut butterscotch. then at the right which is mine.. there are chocolate ecstasy and one scoop of cookies and cream.

now, this whole cup is mine.. 1scoop each for diff flavor.. wallahhh~ wie mmg giler cket if it comes to chocolate.. i cant resist anything in choc.. perghh.. mcm termimpi2 laks mkn eskrim yg sedap neh.. ekekekkee.. 1st time wie mkn eskrim neh.. mmg xnyesal.. sedapnyerr... lalalallaa~

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    nak mkn baskin ah malam nih .. x boleh jadi nih!! :p

  2. gravatar

    ekekke.. yeaaahh!! :D
    i berjaya persuade u.. ahakss.. :p lynda nak g mkn eskrim..hehehe~ ;)

  3. gravatar

    wowweee best nyer...
    nt kite lyn same2 lak ek..
    -k'lon a.k.a ninie mohsin-

  4. gravatar

    kaklon ku.. hehehe.. beres.. no prob mydear.. ;)

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