~goin back again~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Wednesday, April 15, 2009, under

utk awak yer.. u know who u are.. :)

other three who's with me along the way..

ayit, adib n eina.. thanx!

well, i just got back from Utara Tour.. reach ShahAlam around 730pm.. then, we have our dinner again at Spark's in KgSubang.. i cant update anything about our UtaraTour.. i'll update it later.. because tomorrow morning, i'm goin back again to Kelantan.. so early.. 7am tomorrow morning by FireFlyz... huhuhu~ maybe for 2weeks.. so, i wont be available during this 2weeks.. but, anyway i'll try my best if i can.. heee~ just wanna let uol know.. thats all.. so, enjoy!!

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    foto utk awk tu kn...
    sya tau utk sya kn..
    -k.long a.k.a ninie-

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    ok..c u later..take care!

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    Ahmad Muzani Bin Abdul Jalil

    hi wiwie...
    gambar2 yg u amek ader load kat mane2...?hehe

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    singgah menumpang damai disini

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