~Utara Tour 09~

by Wiznie Marzuki on Friday, April 10, 2009, under

starting from tomorrow morning 11apr09 until 14apr09.. we ( ayit, eina, wie n adib) are going to have the Utara edition for our Malaysia Tour 09.. insyaAllah, hopefully it'll be successful as we planned. there is so many place that we would like to visit. but, we only go to certain places that we found it interesting to stop by.
there are so many obstacles that ayit eina n adib going through. but they manage to overcome all the problems. its so great. Thank you and congratulation to them. is it to early for me to say this? but i think its ok, its just the beginning for us and i wanna give them a lil appreciation on what they have done for this tour. so, thats all for now. i'll update it as soon as i come back to KL nextweek.. or perhaps during the tour also, i'll update our journey here. heheheh.. no plan at all.. thanx ya!

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    KakFy comel ;)

    jgn lupa singgah Kulim ek..dh alang2 p sg petani n penang tuh hehe :)

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    sonoknyee!!dh teror ckp utara?heheh

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