What is your excuse for not wearing the Hijab?

by Wiznie Marzuki on Sunday, March 07, 2010,

1st Excuse: I'm not convinced of Hijab.

Can I ask you sister that, who are you? You may reply: I'm a Muslim. What is the meaning of Muslim? The one who completely submits himself totally to Allah for achieving peace, am I right? Sister, Hijab is a clear commandment of Allah (swt) and Muhammad (saw). How we can disobey them and deny what Allah and His Messenger have given to us? Prophet Ibrahim (as) had to sacrifice his son and even he didn't understand why he had to do such a thing. Does not it teach us how to submit our will to Allah?

2nd Excuse: The women who say that the most important thing is what is inside, that her intentions are always good, and she is a good person, and the Hijab is the Hijab of the heart. And these women say that they pray 5 times a day, pray the night prayers, pray the voluntary prayers, gives charity. However, she feels that this is enough worship for her.

Remember the holy verse of Al-Quran: "Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. Those are they who have brought the life of this world at the price of Hereafter. Their torment shall not be lightened nor shall they be helped." [2:85-86]

The Third Excuse: The Hijab is not comfortable. And really difficult to maintain in some countries especially in tropical countries. A woman can complain that she loses her hair when she puts on the Hijab, because of the heat. So come on, do you want me to lose my hair and get bald? I won't put it on because my hair falls off.

Sister, Allah (saw) said: "Say that the Hell fire is stronger than the heat of the world."

The Prophet (saw) said: "Hell is surrounded by our desires, and Jannah is surrounded by the good things."

Is it still difficult for you to put on the Hijab? But you'll take GREAT deeds for following Allah's command!

The Fourth Excuse: The women say that they knew many ladies who wore Hijab and they have the worst of manners, and do the worst of things. So I don't want to put the Hijab on because I don't want to be like them.

Okay, I agree with you sister. But there are many people who pray, but do bad deeds too. Does it mean we shouldn't pray? Some people go to Hajj so that they can hide under the title of Hajj and that they can do bad things. Does that mean we shouldn't go to hajj? So sister, the wrong is not in the religion, but in the people themselves. So is the Hijab bad or the person who wears the Hijab?

5th Excuse: Allah has not guided me yet. I will put on the Hijab, but Allah hasn't guided me to do so now. So, when I will be 50 years old and I have enjoyed my life, I'll put on the Hijab.

No sister, this excuse is totally wrong. Allah said:

"Allah does not change a people's situation unless they change what is within themselves."

You will not put the Hijab on until you change what is within yourself and work towards putting on the Hijab. It's not acceptable for you to say that Allah has not guided you- no, he has guided you and the proof is that you are listening to these words. The reason you are listening to these words is; Allah has opened the journey of guidance to you. So, it is up to you to obey Him or to not.

6th Excuse: When I will get married I'll put on the Hijab.

So let me tell you, a lot of men look for the pious, religious woman who respects herself with her Hijab, more than those men who look for the other women. And Allah has written whom you will marry anyway! So you won't marry anyone else except for that person that Allah has chosen for you. Don't be afraid; put your trust in Allah. Allah will give you the pious husband. So when you marry, marry someone who will love you for your righteousness in spite of your physical beauties.

Once a man came to a scholar and asked him: If I'm going to marry my sister to someone, who should it be? The Scholar replied: marry her to a man who is a servant of Allah, so if he loved her, he will respect her, and if he hated her, he will not treat her badly. Marry the man that will protect you and be happy that you are a wearing the veil.

7th Excuse: I'm still too young to maintain Hijab.

Do you know when you'll die sister? The death rate for youths is increasing! I want to give you an example of a girl. I have taken the following story from an Islamic Site:

"This is a true story that really happened in Egypt, Alexandria last year in Ramadhan. The man was telling me that his wife wears a veil. Living in front of them was a young girl who was not wearing the veil. And the girl has good things inside her heart, like many of our sisters in Islam.

However, she doesn't understand the meaning of the veil and the meaning it has in Islam. So he said that his wife had good relations with this girl. She didn't ignore her just because she doesn't wear the Hijab. They were friends.

So one day the young girl had come to ask the wife if she'd come shopping with her to buy some jeans. So the intelligent wife (who knows that she has to call the girl towards Allah) agreed to go shopping with her, but under one condition: the girl comes with the wife to an Islamic circle that was going to start. The girl agreed.

So they went to the circle which was about repentance to Allah. The girl was so inspired by what was being said, and started to cry until she kept repeating one sentence over and over again: I've repented Allah, please someone cover me. The people told her: okay, let us take you home and you can put the Hijab on.

But she refused, wanting to be covered right at that moment with the Hijab; she couldn't go out without it. So they got her a scarf and a dress, and she left the building with it on. And as soon as she left to cross the road, a car hit her and she died.

She died after she had repented. She is lucky that she repented before she died. So never give the excuse that you are still young, because you never know when you will die."

8th Excuse: I want to follow fashion and if I wear the Hijab I'll be out of fashion.

Isn't Allah dearer to you than fashion? I swear when you put the Hijab on you'll have light shinning from within you, and you'll be more beautiful with your Hijab.

9th Excuse: I want to follow the Westerners.

Who respects the woman more? Islam or those people who can't even sell matches without painting a half-naked woman on it? Are they the ones who have respected the woman or exploited the woman? Or Islam, who has respected the woman and covered her and liberated her from exploitation? Do you want respect from Islam or from those apostles? The choice is yours!

10th Excuse: I don't want to because I'm afraid of taking it off.

Sister, why don't you put it on with firm faith and ask Allah (swt) to always protect you and let you never take it off. Of course I'm not saying that taking off the Hijab isn't a sin. Taking off the Hijab is the biggest sin because you would be encouraging other women to do the same.

Never ever do this please. Allah (swt) would hate that. Wear the Hijab and do these three things to make sure you will never take it off:

1- Have good religious friends
2- Attend and listen to Islamic lectures
3- Make duaa (supplications) to ask God to keep your Hijab on and strengthen your faith.

Okay, the last excuse: I'm shy and embarrassed from what my friends and relatives will say if I put the Hijab on.

Sister, won't you be ashamed of yourself from Allah (swt) on the Day of Judgement? Won't you be embarrassed when you see the Prophet (saw) on the Day of Judgement?

On the Day of Judgement you will be thirsty and the Prophet (saw) will be giving water to everyone. And you will run to him, but two angels will stop you going further. The Prophet will say, leave her! She is from my nation. The angels will say: we cannot Prophet Muhammad, for she did not obey Allah's command. So the Prophet would say, go away, far away, I do not want to have anything to do with you because you didn't listen to Allah's command.

And who will be embarrassed in that day? The one who is showing her body to every one or the one who is respecting and covering it? The Prophet (saw) said: Grab Islam with your hands and teeth!

A Call to my Muslim Sisters:

Sisters in Islam, remember that you are an example to all the Muslim and non-Muslim women. With your manners, worship, smile, even when you are walking down the street, you are an example to everyone and you will indeed inspire many people, without even saying a word. You purify your society! Your good deeds are of extreme value to Allah. You will guide your sisters in Islam. You are our example, our ambassador of Islam. Please, please do not let us down!

Certainly we have destined many JINNS and HUMAN BEINGS for hell; those are the ones who have hearts with which they do not understand; they have eyes with which they do not see; they have ears with which they do not hear; THEY ARE LIKE ANIMALS - OR EVEN WORSE THAN THEM, BECAUSE THEY ARE THOSE WHO ARE HEEDLESS ~AL-A'RAF : 179~

WalLahu a'lam

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  1. gravatar

    salam, wie.. lama xupdate blog neh. rindu sama kamu..

    wie, org ade kwn yg mmg xberhijab ke opis. malah dia selalu gak cerita ttg org yg berhijab tp perangai buruk. lalu xkesah kalo org lain pdg dia xberhijab yg penting dia xberkelakuan buruk. itu pendapat dia..

  2. gravatar

    wa'alaikumussalam norin.. hehe.. wie bersebab utk tak update blog neh lama.. rindu sama kamu juga.. terima kasih sudi jenguk blog wie yg xseberapa neh.. :)

    norin, org begitu mmg saje mencari alasan.. menegakkan benang yang basah.. isu skrg bukannya perangai tapi tudung itu sendiri.. pesanlah kat dia, bukannya salah tudung maka orang tuh berperangai yang xsesuai dgn luaran dia.. itu kn salah empunya badan. tudung itu ada fungsi2nya yang mampu menjaga diri seseorang muslimah itu daripada segala macam musibah jika seandainya seseorang itu tahu dan faham erti sebenar dalam menutup seluruh auratnya. kan..? tapi nak buat mcm mane kan, sebanyak mana nasihat kita pun kalau dia masih tak bukahati, tutup telinga, sampai bila-bila pun dia tetap akan berpandangan begitu terhadap mereka yang bertudung neh.

    jadi, kita berdoa je lah semoga ALLAH membuka hati dia mendengar nasihat dan pandangan yang betul mengenai isu tutup aurat neh. insyaAllah, mudah2an dia akan melangkah ke arah suatu perubahan yang terbaik bagi dirinya sendiri. aminn yaRabb.. :)

  3. gravatar

    norin.. lagi satu, pesanla kat dia.. jika akhlak dia baik daripada mereka yang bertudung tuh, maka apa salahnya dia bertudung? maka bertambahlah pahala amalan dia kan.. mesti dia nampak lagi cantik setelah bertudung dan berakhlak mulia.. bukan begitu? hehe :D

  4. gravatar

    salam..hai kak wie..finally..the entry which i miss..hehe..dla tertarik dgn excuse yg ke-6 n 7...
    npe ble dh kwin t bru nk pkai tdg..seolah2 tudung 2 jd wajib ble kte dh bergelar isteri plak kn..n xkn la nk tggu tua bru nk pakai tdg. tp, 2la realiti skng..masa muda hanya utk enjoy je..xfikir n agama n pegangan hdp..tp, ape2 pn skrg2nya org 2 ada niat untk bertudung..btl x??moga terbukalah hati2 mereka kn..

  5. gravatar

    wa'alaikumussalam dik..
    hehe.. this is not my entry ok, just copied from other source and shared it here.

    akak suka dgn no6 tuh.. sbb, itulah yg mjd pegangan akk.. percaya akan janji2NYA.. akan ada seseorang utk kita kelak.. tp, itu xbmakna yg kita xperlu mncari ye.. kita perlu mcari dia tp dgn cara yang betul.. :)

    ye, niat tu penting.. apa2pun kan bermula dgn niat.. :) insyaAllah, DIA nampak akan kesungguhan dan niat seseorang itu utk berubah.. DIA akan sentiasa menolong para hambaNYA seandainya kita juga menginginkannya lewat dalam setiap doa2 yang kita panjatkan buatNYA.. kita doakanlah sahabat2 kita yang lain, semoga mereka semua terbuka hati utk menjalankan perintah ALLAH yang wajib ini.

  6. gravatar

    emm..btl2..insyaAllah..akan ada dan mmg ada seseorg utk kita kelak..sebab Allah menjadikan manusia 2 berpasang-pasangan...cuma masa dan siapa orgnya je kita xtauskng...moga bertemu jodoh yg diredhai Allah..=)
    xpela,even copy pun skrg2nye dpt bg ilmu n peringatan kt dri sndri n org lain..=)

  7. gravatar
    Mr Ceriawan

    jika kita berniat nak menutupi keseluruhannya..Alhamdulillah lah..
    jgn plak atas tutup, bawah LINGKUP! Betul tak kak wie?
    yg penting niat itu mesti ikhlas..
    kan kak wie kan..kan..kan..

  8. gravatar

    ye la abe wan.. :p

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